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Professor Murray Shanahan

Professor of Cognitive Robotics Imperial College London

Prof. Shanahan has been Professor of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial College London since 2006. He graduated from Imperial with a First in Computer Science in 1984, and obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University (King's College) in 1988. Since then he has carried out work in artificial intelligence, robotics, and cognitive science and his publications span artificial intelligence, robotics, logic, dynamical systems, computational neuroscience, and philosophy of mind.

His current interests include brain connectivity, neurodynamics, comparative cognition, and the relationship between cognition and consciousness. His book "Embodiment and the Inner Life" was a significant influence on the film Ex-Machina for which he was a scientific advisor.

His most recent book "The Technological Singularity" was published by MIT Press in 2015. He has been on Radio 4, Radio 5, Channel 4 (television), and on the BBC's 6 o'clock news, 10 o'clock news, and Breakfast Time. He has appeared at the Cheltenham Science Festival, the World Science Festival (New York), and the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, and his work has featured in Focus magazine and New Scientist. Most recently, he has been Plenary Speaker for the 25th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (2016), Panel Chair for NYU Symposium on the Future of Artificial Intelligence (2016) and Keynote Speaker for Computational Intelligence Unconference 2015.