About us

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) is regularly ranked as one of India’s best business schools. IIMA enjoys the goodwill and support of its more than 32000 alumni across the globe. The London Chapter has around 800 alumni in UK and Europe. Most of these are leaders in their fields and this makes for a very powerful and influential network.

As IIMA Alumni London we have set out on our mission to champion global thought leadership and further the cause of higher education, entrepreneurship and innovation by hosting seminars, talks, and partnering with leaders in business and education in the UK. Over the last year, we have been extremely active in making giant strides towards our vision to invigorate and infuse dialogue on matters that concern our Alumni, our Alma mater and also the wider community both in the UK and in India.

The Board and the Executive Charter

Our shared vision and objectives, the structure of the Board and principles for Board governance are covered in the IIMA Alumni London Charter.
IIMA Alumni London Ltd The Executive Board Charter

  • Vision:

To Project IIMA brand and build a strong network of IIMA community in the UK and Europe for the benefit of community and society at large

  • Objectives:
    • a) Provide a platform for learning, teaching, mentoring, connecting and philanthropy by bringing together the collective intellect and influence of IIMA community
    • b) Foster links between IIMA community and leading Educational Institutions, Academics and Businesses by:
      • Creating events in the UK for networking opportunities built around interesting speakers and thought leaders
      • Facilitating Research and Business collaborations between IIMA & UK educational institutions
      • Fostering entrepreneurship and start up culture among IIMA Alumni by providing a platform for interaction between CIIE (Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIMA)and UK University entrepreneurship and VC Centres
      • c) Grow the IIMA alumni body
      • d) Raise funds from alumni, corporates and philanthropists for grants and scholarships

Chairperson’s message

As I look back, the journey I started last year with my friends on the Board was an act of faith. It was a journey of love, commitment, passion against scepticism and disbelief. .

We set ourselves three objectives – raising awareness of the IIMA brand, creating a platform for thought leadership and finally building a stronger IIMA community reaching out to other IIM alumni, thought leaders in business and education in the UK. .

The IIMA alumni body is a powerful one in most parts of the world. There are 12,000 IIMA graduates of its flagship PGP programme and 32,000 students overall. There are around 500 alums in the United Kingdom, 250 in France, 100 in Germany, making it close to 900 in Europe. Of the UK based alumni, 50% are in financial services, 30% are in tech and consulting companies, 15% are in marketing and operations and the balance 5% are in healthcare and pharma. The alumni punch well above their weight as they are placed in positions of power and influence. 12% of our alumni are running their own funds, consulting firms or business start-ups. .

A year is perhaps too early to say where we are on this journey, but we feel heartened and encouraged by the comments and responses of fellow alumni and other stakeholders in the community. The most important indicator has been the rising number of alums stepping forward to take this journey with us and volunteering support and help. Our growing collaborative efforts have earned us partners and friends including Deutsche Bank, Oxbridge, lmperial College, Allen &Overy, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Diageo and the London Stock Exchange Group. .

After a successful annual event last year attended by Profs Ashish Nanda and Arvind Sahay, we have had four Fireside Chats with Harish Salve – former Solicitor General of India, Ivan Menezes – CEO Diageo, Raghuram Rajan – Governor RBI and Baba Shiv – Marketing Prof at Stanford.

The buzz is that there is something happening at the IIMA London Alumni Chapter and we now have more ideas than we can handle which means that you can look forward to new programmes, exciting speakers, new formats, provocative debates, in short, prepare to be surprised at every turn. On the list this year were Neuroscience, gender debate at the workplace, and finally our annual event toasting tech entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, India and London. .

Make sure that you are receiving our emails as programmes do tend to get booked up very quickly. Visit our website to catch up on events and the buzz. We are also making it easy to access research and other interesting information from the Institute. If that seems a bit of a stretch, catch us on Twitter, Facebook or our Newsletter. .

While we work hard, we do have fun – you will find us every month at the India Club with a drink in our hand doing what we Indians love – argue about, politics, cricket, business and Bollywood. Come and join us in raising the decibel level in the room. Help us build a stronger IIMA community for there is much to be done and the journey has only just begun. .

Kamini Banga