The IIMA Alumni community in the UK and Europe is significant and diverse. With 400+ UK Alumni & Classes from 1976 to 2016 and more than a 1000 in the rest of Europe. The community that IIMA Alumni London Chapter caters to is diverse, distinguished and also very well connected.

We start with some people on the Board and also some significant contributors to our activities over the last year

The Board


Kamini Banga PGP ’77, Independent consultant, author and columnist, London.

Director – Treasurer

Vikas Nanda PGP ’88, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, London.

Director – Educational institutions

Murthy R Nuni PGP ’88, Founder & CEO, Marshal-Funds, Hedge & PE Funds, London.

Director – Secretary

Gaurav Jain PGP ’03, Martin Curie Investment Managment

Director – Events

Swastik Nigam PGP ’08, Trader, Deutsche Bank, London.

Director – Communications

Gopal Balakrishnan PGP ’13, Synthetic Equity Trader, Deutsche Bank, London.

Director – Philanthropy

Mehmood Khan PGP ’77, Social Entrepreneur, Global Citizen.

Director – Creative Communication and Activities

Jitendra Dhageya, PGP ’06, Entrepreneur, Investor

There is active participation from various alumni members who take time off their schedules to make IIMA Alumni London one of the most active and vibrant Alumni chapters around the world.

Volunteer Supporters

Namrata Kaul, MD at Deutsche Bank, actively working on the women’s panel for

Sidin Vakut, Managing Editor at the Live mint online, helped edit the Alma Matters the Newsletter of our chapters

Sandeep Sachdeva, Narayan M, Arindam, Rito H


IIMA Alumni London will be supported by patrons who act as advisors, and are influencing voices in the community. The
following have agreed to be Patrons of IIMA Alumni London

  • Sir Martin Sorrell
  • Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt
  • Anshu Jain
  • Baroness Patience Wheatcroft
  • Vindi Banga
  • Ivan Menezes

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